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2021-10-19 16:45:58

5 Trending Hairstyles for Boys



As a mother of two boys, I understand that styling a boy sometimes is just a simple combing of hair - either brush right, left, or straight. That's it! Nowadays, boys are also a little concerned about their look and styling. Some hairstyle options require a little maintenance and turn your kid to look smart and cool. 


Here are the top trendy boy's hairstyles you can opt for your kids.


The Soccer Style




 The hairstyle is also known as Quiff. It gives your kid a smart and sporty look. This hair has longer locks in front, shorter on sides with a side part or no part. This hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and textures.


The Classic Gentleman Cut or Classic School Boy Cut




This hairstyle is a true expression of childhood and cuteness. It always remains everyone's favorite. It suits all hair types and is easy to maintain.


Curly Standard Strands with Short Sides 




This hairstyle is one of the best options for kids with curly hair. The curly locks stand zigzag in front with short side hair. This is similar to the soccer boy hairstyle look. 


The Long Hair Layers



If your boy has grown his hair and is ready to cut it short - this one is the best option for your boy. Just trim the long hair into layers like a surfer cut. It is the best beach cut to flaunt hair in the air. 


Total Trim




If your kid is feeling hot and humid - trim all his hair to zero. It is an easy-to-do option and gives a comfortable look to kids. It goes great on round face cuts and smiling faces. 


You can also book a session for a kid's haircut at home with Glamcode Premium Home Salon to get a new and great look for your boy.