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2021-02-27 09:04:38


As you age, you will think of using wrinkle cream for maintain a smooth and glowing skin. But it’s not just the age, but factors like your skin exposure to sun, pollution, bad habits like alcohol and smoking and many more. It’s never late to start to take care to prevent wrinkles appearing on your skin. You may start using products to treat the signs of ageing. If you are in your mid-20s, then it is the best time to start taking precautions for wrinkle problems. If you are over 30, then there is nothing to worry, now is the time to start.

Here are 5 ways of taking care of your skin and to age with the same confidence.

  1. Use Sunscreen, save yourself from over exposure to the Sun. Sun damage causes premature wrinkling of skin. If you have to be outside for a whole day, apply sunscreen after every two or three hours. The best is to use skin products with built in sunscreen.
  2. As you grow, the body produces less collagen which is responsible for repair of damaged skin. Increase the intake of protein in your diet like fish and chicken. If you are vegetarian, eat red and yellow vegetables. Collagen supplements are also available, but consult with your dietician before going for this option.
  3. Eat food with Vitamin A and C. You get retinol from vitamin A which helps in skin repair from sun damage. Vitamin C is anti-oxidant which protects the skin form free radicals which breaks down skin cells and causes lining.
  4. Intoxication is always bad for your health as well as skin. The intoxicants like nicotine and alcohol damages collagen, without which your skin becomes loose. You can stop smoking and alcohol intake anytime to improve the skin texture and tone you have now.
  5. Sleep well to reduce the tension in your skin. Your skin too needs time overnight to repair the damages that took place throughout the day. Before going to bed, wash your skin with warm water, apply moisturizer and anti-wrinkle cream.

  You can consult your salon service provider on what type of anti-aging cream or complete anti aging treatment to use, suitable for your skin. They will help you in getting skin friendly products and procedure to use them along with the routine to follow. They know better what formula will work for you.