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2021-02-27 09:36:53


Hair cream is one of the best product for your hair care. It can be used for all types of hair, be it straight hair or curly hair, dry hair or broken hair. It holds up and can nourish back your hair by holding it up as per your hair style. It makes your hair look smooth, silky and adds extra gloss for that shiny finish.

Here are some surprising facts about hair creams which may help you to use the product in a better way, and cut short some confusing myths around it.


  1. Hair creams can be use daily. It can be used before washing or after washing your hair. However, one must know how to use it to avoid any damage to the hair.
  2. Regular use of hair creams does not cause dandruff, if the brand is good and tested. Always use reliable, tested and cream with minimum chemical composition.
  3. Hair cream is not a hair styling cream. Try to styles like spikes and mohawks, and you will know why it is a bad idea. It is used to smoother and hold the hairs by removing frizz and fly-away.
  4. Hair creams can not straighten natural curly hairs. There are other methods to do it, consult with your salon. If you are promised by some cream brands, then check the testimonials and decide accordingly. There are hair creams for curly hairs, but not used to straighten the curls.
  5. It can be used for Hair Spa also. Use hair cream as hair mask before shower. Apply and keep it for 30-40 minutes for absorption of nutrients to scalp, and then wash.
  6. Applying hair cream does not leads to growth of hair. The purpose of cream is only to hold the hair together, make it smooth and shine. Many creams are available in the market that helps in moisturization of the scalp with addition of nutrients good for hair. For growth of hair, consult a doctor. The worst is you can get damaged hairs of the cream is not good.
  7. Hair cream is neither better or bad than hair gel. Both are different hair products and have different utilities for hair. However, hair experts suggest to use hair gel as less as possible.

With increase in pollution in the air and change in lifestyle, hair care has become a delicate thing. One can take help from salon for hair care. If you don’t feel like stepping out and going to a salon, then you can always book an appointment for hair care at home.Best home salon services in lucknow