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2021-12-17 13:15:12

All About Hair Keratin Treatment: You Need To Know

For all of us the smooth, silky, beautiful hair is a dream come true, and their secret to silky, smooth, shiny hair comes to an end on Hair Keratin Treatment. The keratin treatment is the most popular way to get back the gorgeous, beautiful hair, but before taking the Hair Keratin Treatment, many questions strike the mind like - Can we afford it? What does it do, and how long will it last? There are doubts about hair keratin treatments, so we have compiled a detailed guide to explain all about hair keratin treatment.


What is Keratin? 


Keratin is the type of protein that builds up your hair, skin, and nails. Keratin is a protective protein and an ingredient of hair cosmetics and builds up your hair.


What is a hair keratin treatment? 


Hair Keratin Treatment is a cosmetic treatment done through chemical formulation and ironing to lock in an essential protein called keratin to the hair shafts. Few applications help straighten the hair, and a few help to calm & relax the frizzy, dull curls that - depends on your hair type. Due to lack of proper care, pollution, and dust the hair lifts its outermost layer called and allows other moisture and environmental factor to get absorbed in hair, and turn them dry, dull, and frizzy. With the keratin treatment, the outermost layer called the cuticle - gets strengthened and sticks to the hair for longer. 


What hair keratin treatment does to your hair?


At Glamcode, we offer the customers the facility of Hair Keratin Treatment in the comfort of their home, and they don't need to step out for the hair treatment. In this treatment - keratin is artificially counted to the hair to reconstruct it to look soft, shiny, and frizz-free. Such treatments help restore the protein lost due to pollution and other environmental factors. The damaged hair causes frizz, tangles, and breakage. A keratin treatment is helps rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands.


The process of hair keratin treatment


While doing the hair keratin treatment- our hair experts start with washing your hair then apply the formulation on your wet hair, and letting the cream saturate in every strand. Else, first, the expert will blow-dry your and then spread the cream formulation evenly to your hair. Finally, they end with a heat treatment process with the help of a flat iron rod on low to medium heat to lock the treatment. The treatment allows the keratin to get absorbed deep inside the hair shafts and leave it to look healthier & beautiful.


The Steps


1.    Hair wash with Shampoo, without conditioner


2.    Blow-dry to remove all the moisture


3.    Application of Keratin Cream


4.    Hair is left to get saturated


5.    Added round of blow-dry


6.    Accompanied by a flat iron to help seal in the solution


The hair keratin treatment is the best way to get a natural strength and shine to your dull, dry, frizzy, damaged hair. 


What expect after keratin treatment?


Keratin treatment is unlike smoothening & conditioning, it is just a deep conditioning treatment that functions at the cuticle coating of hair. It controls frizziness and makes hair more effortless by lessening friction. However, it makes your hair look gorgeous & beautiful for longer.


Hair Keratin treatment by Glamcode Premium Home Salon?


We feel glad to share that, we offer the facility of hair keratin treatment in the comfort of your home. Our hair experts are experienced and they understand your hair needs and suggest the best. We assure you for a gorgeous result to your hair with Glamcode's Hair Keratin Treatment.