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2021-02-27 09:28:12


If you are suffering from hair fall and have tried all kind of shampoos available in the market, then it is time to go for organic natural shampoo. The constituents of the shampoo play a very important role in making and breaking your hair care.

The following ingredients in your shampoo may pose or is already doing damage to your hair as described below –


This is cleaning agent which is responsible for generation of foam and removing dirt and oils. This weakens your hair as it is rough to your hairs.


It is a preservative and prevents formation of microorganisms in your shampoo. It has been found in many researches to be carcinogenic and related to breast cancer.

Synthetic Fragrance

Please take a serious note that many authorities from various countries have not regulated this term. So many manufacturers use it to include a lot of unknown ingredients to create fragrance of the shampoo. There are many more endless lists of such items like alcohol, formaldehyde, synthetic colors etc. These harms your hair by adverse chemical reactions, dehydrating and striping off your scalp and hair of moisture, and many more which results in dandruff and bad hair. Hair loss, unhealthy growth and dandruff are few problems that you are facing, then blame the chemicals in your shampoo for the same. To stop further damage, switch to organic option that contains minimum of chemicals and more of healthy ingredients. Please note that there is nothing called 100% organic. Many manufacturers claim to use only natural ingredients, but that does not mean there will be no traces of chemicals in the pack. It is all about avoiding the harmful chemicals and use best alternative for the hair care. You can make your own hair care product at home. Like mixing vegetable oil with distilled water and castile soap, or use a mixture of coconut milk, olive oil and avocado. There are many such options available, try to use natural alternatives containing organic or plat base ingredients that can amend your broken hair and nourish it back for proper hair growth. Before starting with any brand of shampoo do consult it with your beautician. For free consultation, book your appointment with Glam Code. We are the Best Home Salon in Lucknow.