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2021-12-29 06:52:06

Covid Third Wave Omicron: Caution & Care

The second wave of coronavirus affected the country severely and caused a large scale of deaths and devastation. While we don't yet cope with the situation, the bells are alarming for the covid third wave. There are countless pieces of news about the upcoming third wave of coronavirus when the second wave has already left us fearful and distressed. 


We are apprehensive of stepping out of our houses as everyone is scared of the sudden spread of the covid third wave, just like the second wave. Everyone from youngest to eldest is putting the maximum efforts to maintain the work-life balance in the time of grief and crisis. Therefore during the time of spread, we have adopted several ways to fulfill our day-to-day essentials that would be fruitful later. 


Let's take a look at the points where we can be more attentive if would be struck by the third wave. 


The Good Part: We can feel relaxed about the situation as there is a curb in the cases; the government has lifted restrictions to run the economic activities. People are immune due to previous infections or running vaccination drives. 


Home Access to Essentials: From basic to secondary facilities like groceries, dairy products, healthcare services, salon services, and many more are available to get delivered at the doorstep. It is always better to order online for products & services and avoid stepping out of the house. 


Choose Carefully: Please check carefully - before placing an order for food, vegetables, groceries, salon services that they are following the precautionary rules against Covid. Be sure to get all the facts from reliable sources.


Be Responsible: Act responsibly - if going out during the time of the pandemic. Avoid taking kids anywhere or everywhere. Always use a mask when going out. Hand hygiene is a must- use alcohol-based sanitizer or soap. Isolate yourself if not feeling well or come in contact with an infected person. 


Wellness at Home: During the pandemic, the relationships have changed drastically. People got the chance to spend time with their families. They are enjoying staying at home. With all, it is important to take care - establish a routine during pandemic like sleeping & wake up on time, get ready if for work, eat healthy meals during the breaks, doing exercises or yoga, takes care of skin & hair, and spend good time with every member in the family. 


The Third Wave: There are numerous speculations about the third strain of covid - the foremost and an important fact is to get ourselves vaccinated and show responsible behavior towards society. The third wave may or may not hit us as badly as the second wave. Being responsible citizens we must take care of our family and follow all the precautionary measures against covid. 


Stay Home, Stay Safe.