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2021-12-04 11:13:33

Different Types of Waxing for Hair Removal: Keep Calm and Get Your Wax On

Who doesn't want to enjoy smooth, clear, flawless skin? Undoubtedly! Every Woman on the Planet wishes for simply flawless skin. Once we start thinking to remove unwanted hair, several thoughts come to our minds like - Is waxing painful? Which wax is suitable for which part of the body? What is better - shave, threading, or waxing? And, if you are going to wax for the first time - it is awkward to discuss in detail with the beautification about your waxing needs & expectations. Here, we have discussed different types of waxing with Glamcode's waxing experts to clear your doubts about removing unwanted hair. 


Here we have mentioned different types of body waxing, and their utility






  • Soft Wax - It is a way to remove unwanted hair, popularly known as strip waxing. While waxing beautician applies a warm layer of body wax on the upper layer of the skin and pull it out with a thick piece of cloth or waxing strips. This waxing application is suitable for larger areas of the body like legs, hands. The waxing helps remove the tiny hair growth from your skin and leave it smooth, soft, clean, and flawless. Note: This wax can be applied once in a particular area as it can initiate damaging the skin. Along with removing the unwanted hair, it also helps exfoliate skin properly. The Soft wax helps remove tiny hair perfectly, works better on a large body area as compared to hard wax. It contains ingredients similar to hard wax, including rosin, oils, and other additives.


  • Hard Wax - The Hard Wax is suitable for small, sensitive skin areas like the upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. The hard wax is applied warm on the upper layer of the skin and removed once it gets hard and cools down. This wax binds only with the unwanted hair, not on the skin, consequently can be applied multiple times on the same skin area. It is good for sensitive skin and intimate skin areas as it remains gentle on the skin and rarely damages your cells. The hard wax is also helpful in removing the facial hair.  


  • Fruit wax - The Fruit Wax is similar to hard wax and is preferred for the sensitive skin. Most of the fruit waxes contain the extract of Carnauba, Shellac, Resin, Lemon-honey, Aloe Vera, and Argan oil. They are enriched with anti-oxidants, skin-loving minerals, and vitamins, and remain gentle on your skin. It is applied in a thin layer of fruit wax on the skin area with the help of a wooden or metal spatula and peels it off in the opposite direction of hair growth with the help of a wooden spoon, spatula, or a piece of cloth. But, these waxes are a little expensive than the basic soft wax. 


  • Chocolate Wax - This is for our chocolate lovers, Chocolate Wax has become everyone’s favorite in recent times, and a tempting form of waxing one can enjoy the best. Chocolate waxing is a great option to remove the unwanted hair. Chocolate act as an antioxidant and is rich in skin beneficiary properties. It can be applied in a thin layer of chocolate wax on the required skin area by using a wooden spoon or metal spatula and removed in the upward direction. It is made up of glycerine, soyabean oil, and almond oil that helps smoothen your skin.  


  • Rica Wax - Rica wax is also popularly known as white chocolate wax, and unlike other types of waxing is free from colophony (which can cause skin allergies). The Rica wax contains vegetable oil and glyceryl rosinate, furthermore - offering a painless way to remove the unwanted hair. 


  • Rica Roll-On Wax - The Rica Roll-On Wax is applied with a device equipped with a wax cartridge. For application, you need to keep the cartridge roll-on over the warming device for 20 minutes, once heated up can be applied to the skin to remove the unwanted hair.




There are different types of waxing available in the salons according to various skin types -


  1. For Normal skin– Titanium
  2. For Every Skin Type - Gold & Honey
  3. For Dry skin– Chocolate, Strawberry
  4. For very Dry skin– Coconut, Olive Oil
  5. For Sensitive skin– Honey, Milk, Aloe Vera, Green Apple
  6. For Bikini Line– Brazilian Wax with Avocado Butter
  7. Luxury Line– Gold, Pearl
  8. Relaxing Line– Talcum


If you feel awkward visiting a salon for waxing, you can choose a comfortable session for a salon-like waxing at home by booking your slot with a home salon. Nowadays, in several cities, home salons offer waxing service at affordable price. At Glamcode Premium Home Salon, the beauticians are expertise in providing waxing service and serve customers with four different waxing services –


  1. Normal Wax 
  2. Rica Wax
  3. Face Wax
  4. Rica Roll-On Wax 


Next time book your waxing session with Glamcode's waxing expert and enjoy smooth, clear, clean, flawless skin. For more details you can call us or visit us at