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2021-02-19 08:42:45


After the gym workout, heavy exercise, and hours of sports practice you forget to take care of your skin. Just a shower, shampoo, and creams are not sufficient to keep healthy skin and hair. Here are 7 points facts about your workout and what should be done for your skin and hair care.  

Healthy Diet

Physical activities like sports, exercise, and workouts help in the good flow of blood to every part of your body. This means a better reach of oxygen and nutrients internally, hence enhancing the metabolism of the body resulting in glowing skin. So have a healthy food habit with a regular intake of nutrients and minerals good for your skin and hair.

Skin Care Products

The sweat coming out in fact helps to clear the skin pores. So, make sure to remove your makeup and other skincare products which can clog the skin pores.

 Vitamin D

Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D, which is good for your skin, too much sun time is also not good. If you are thinking of using sunscreen, then consult your salon for oil-free water-based sunscreen, as oil clogs the skin pores resulting in acne and rashes.

Avoid wearing tight moisture-retaining clothes.

It creates conditions for the growth of acne and many microbial organisms. It will only aggravate infections for which you have to take more medicine and cut your expenditure on medicines.

Changing Clothes Post Workout

After the workout, change your clothes, and after cooling your body take a warm water shower to clear out all the dust and sweat over the skin. Be gentle while scrubbing and use moisturizer after the shower. Do not forget to take care of the scalp, use shampoo and conditioner.

Wear a cap

Wearing a cap prevents your hair to keep coming on your face and rubbing on your shoulder and neck. It prevents two possibilities, (i) Preventing oils and other lotions to get transferred within the skin and hairs, which can be resulting in unwanted breakouts of hairs. (ii) Continuous rubbing of hairs with skin can cause irritation in the skin, this is reduced by using a cap.

Stay Hydrated drink a lot of water

A heavy workout leaves your body craving for water, so make sure to drink enough. But please note that don’t drink as soon as you finish with your game. Take time to cool your body, but you make take a few sips from time to time during the exercise sessions.   However, it becomes difficult to continuously nourish and repair your skin and hair on your own for a long time. You can opt for the best home salon services to work on your skin and hair nourishment from time to time. You get all the care needed for skin and hair, at regular intervals,s and that too in the comfort of your home. Moreover, you save time your me time after your hectic corporate and workout schedule at home. Hope these points help to glow and shine along with your workout routine.


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