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Glam Code is an Upscale Fully-Equipped Home Salon Services start-up, initiated by mother and daughter in law duo.

They travelled many places, visited named parlours, took home services and subsequently, decided to incorporate the basic intricacies of Luxury Salon in Home Salon for comfortable, pampering and delightful experience.

Day by Day people want to Experiment with their Look.  Exquisite Skin Care, Makeup and bridal Services at door steps is the need of the hour.

 Glam Code intends to cater two segments of the market. First segment includes catering markets which   provides  a high quality Skin Care services at a market competitive price.  Second segment, is a  new Ultra-Luxury Segment , which  includes people who intends to get premium,  Luxury Experience at their doorstep  with no  price barrier as Luxury comes as a price.

The venture  understands customers  requirement and at the same time  see a bigger picture of  community transformation  by  creating jobs for women.  Research shows that women will spend most of  their income on health, nutrition, and education for their families. Turning women into breadwinners not only builds self-esteem, but improves their standing in the community and enables them to pool resources and improve infrastructure.


Meet Our Team

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Jackson Nash Massagist

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Ollie Schneider Orthopaedic Doctor

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Roger West Skin Expert

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Alex Manning Chiropractic

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