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2021-08-25 05:58:15

Home Beauty Services: Why We Love Them and Why You Should Too

We have all had lazy days when we didn’t feel like stepping out of our home, even though we desperately need some beauty pampering. For years, we struggled with finding mobile beauty salons that could give us the necessary beauty treatments from the comfort of our homes. Finally, we stumbled upon these magical home beauty salons that fulfill your every skincare, makeup, and hair need.


Find out more about these home salons below.




Why We Love At Home Beauty Salon


Everyone, regardless of sex, wants to look beautiful. However, finding the time to attend to long-overdue beauty treatments is often a challenge. That is where salons that offer home beauty services come in. They bring these treatments to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about traveling all the way to sit in an unfamiliar environment.


Let’s paint a picture for you. Imagine you have a wedding to attend but your skin has lost that glow you crave for, your hair needs to be done and you don’t want to deal with traffic. All you need to do is book an appointment with a beauty service and they attend to all of your beauty needs.


What do Home Beauty Services Offer?


Most at-home beauty services offer a whole range of beauty treatments. Examples of these treatments are below.


  • For Women: facials, beauty spa, and massage, hair styling, pedicure and manicure, nail arts, waxing, bridal makeup, and coloring.


  • Men: Complete grooming, hair trimming, facials, pedicure and manicure, and hair coloring
  • For Kids: Haircuts, trims, pedicures, and manicures.


8 Benefits of Booking an At-Home Beauty Service


Home beauty services have a lot to offer you. Worthy of mention is that these beauty therapists have the same training and licenses that those in the traditional brick and mortar stores do.


We have listed some benefits for you below. Keep reading to find out why these at-home beauty services are perfect for you.


  1. Saves You Time and Stress


Home beauty services save you a lot of stress and time that you would otherwise have spent traveling for your beauty treatments. These salons practically pack up, and bring the beauty treatments and pampering to your doorsteps.


They are super convenient, especially during festive seasons when there is always a bit of traffic on the road. Simply book an appointment and enjoy your beauty makeover from your house!


  1. Hygienic Surroundings


If you’re one of those with a thing for hygienic surroundings, then an at-home beauty service is a superb choice. It allows you to create the exact type of environment you want after all; it is your home.


  1. Cost Savings


It is easy to see how at-home beauty services help you save your hard-earned money. Each time you go to the traditional beauty salons, you spend money on bus fare or gas. That is not even accounting for the time value you lose making the trip.


However, with mobile beauty salons, you don’t have to commute to the salon. Also, because you are in your own home, you can continue to work on your important projects while the beauty therapist works her magic. So it is a win-win situation for you.


  1. Comfort and Convenience


Imagine enjoying a spa treatment at home with your novel in hand or your favorite sweats; pretty convenient, right? Of course. Indulging in these beauty treatments in your zone or in a place you consider home helps you feel at ease and opens you up to enjoy all the goodies in store.


  1. Tender Loving Care


After the beauty treatments, it is normal to feel sticky thanks to all the scrubs, wax, and oils. With at-home beauty services, you can conveniently hop into the shower without having to navigate your way back.


  1. Prolonged and Personalized Sessions


The professional comes to your house and is not in any hurry or under undue pressure to wrap up the session. So you get to enjoy a beauty session where all you can communicate your needs without fear and have them met. No unnecessary distractions and the beauty technician’s attention is focused on only you.


  1. Privacy


With traditional beauty parlors, you are forced to endure the constant chatter, movement, and gossip from people all around you. However, home beauty services offer you much-needed privacy and quiet. You can even decide to share this moment with your friends; enjoy a luxurious pampering session together.


  1. Variety of Service


Most mobile beauty salons offer a lot of different services. So you can get your hair and makeup done on the same day, from the convenience of your home! The great part is that you don’t need to worry about providing beauty tools and products. The beauty stylist will come prepared with all the necessary supplies.


Best Home Beauty Salon in Lucknow


Glamcode is one of our favorite home beauty salons in India and certainly our best in Lucknow. They provide professional beauty services at very affordable prices. Glamcode provides you with a host of at-home services from skin treatments and hair styling to bridal makeup. Yes, at Glamcode, you can get your pre-bridal makeup done from the convenience of your home.


Of course, before your big day, you can sign up for skincare treatments to pamper your skin and give it a delicious glow. We are talking about facials, massages, chemical exfoliation, and blackhead removal; everything you need to rejuvenate your skin.

Before you start your treatments, you can consult with professionals to discover what works best for your skin type. You can go the whole way, and book a hair appointment for your big day too. Whatever you decide, Glamcode is just an appointment away.



When you look great, you feel good too, and it shows in the way you carry yourself. Facials and beauty treatments leave you looking radiant and feeling rejuvenate. Thankfully, with mobile beauty services, you no longer have to travel long distances for your appointments. Enjoy the convenience that at-home beauty services bring to your doorstep!


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